We saw today that protests over Obama’s commencement address and receipt of an honorary agree from Notre Dame started in earnest leading to 15 arrests including Alan Keyes

The protestors were noted as peaceful but “…..were told they could protest all they want in the town of South Bend, Ind., but once they stepped onto Notre Dame property, they would be arrested.”  They did not heed the warning.

This does not help the pro-life cause.  I obviously agree with their stance and their right to protest.  However, they have to be smart and cognizant of how the MSM will twist this story.  On a day when we have encouraging news with a Gallup poll showing a majority of Americans identifying themselves as pro-life for the first time ever, the MSM will undoubtedly try to divert attention from that surprising result by focusing on these arrests.

If these were anti-war protestors during the Bush administration, their arrests would likely be portrayed as something noble and honorable.  People patriotically exercising their First Amendment rights, but being silenced by a tyrannical administration hell bent on silencing all dissent.

However, as conservative protestors during an Obama administration (much less specifically protesting an Obama appearance) they will likely be portrayed as anti-government, ultra-religious fanatics.

Plenty of publicity has already been brought to this situation.  The opposition to Obama’s appearance has made its point loud and clear by collecting over 360,000 signatures.  A number of Catholic dignitaries and other public figures have also voiced their disagreement.  So while the protestors on graduation weekend are fighting the good fight they should not become the news.  Hold your protests and have your prayer vigils and services, but do not give the left an excuse to smear the pro-life movement.

For his part, I hope Obama is respectful enough to stay far away from the topic of abortion in his speech, although that seems unlikely from early indications.  I hope he at least gives the kids a better speech than he did at Arizona State.  Really Barack, I don’t begrudge you any of your success, but I don’t want to be lectured about my materialism from a multi-millionaire whose most precious possession is his Blackberry and whose wife wore a $540 pair of sneakers to an event last week.