Here I sit in my old Kentucky home and can not believe what I am watching transpire from border to border across America.  The majorities in the House and Senate, led by King Obama himself, race to inflict more damage throughout this great land than any enemy our country has ever faced.  Not Cold War Russia, not WWII Germany, not even the Chinese have done more to hurt us than those in the majority right now.  They are willingly trying to cripple every American generation down the line. 


I do see the outrage from the public, I do see the outrage from the bloggers, I do see the outrage from those in talk radio, and I do see the outrage from every sector of our land.  The one place I do not see the outrage is from the one place you would expect it, our elected Republican officials.


The anointed one stole GM and violated the simple basis of bankruptcy laws and they remained silent.  Pelosi and Reid led the charge to take over the banks and the mortgage business yet not a word.  As Obama layered debt upon debt to ours and future generations our side worried about not offending anyone by opposing it.   They rammed the largest power grab in our nation’s history down our throats, in Obamacare, and all we got was a token resistance.  Every lie has gone unchecked and every assertion has gone unchallenged.  Capitalism and freedom built this country and not one of them will defend it.  I could list example after example from his activist judicial appointees to his mindless handling of the oil spill with the same result, elected Republican spinelessness.


I received a call the other day about matching my donation to the Republican National Committee from the previous years and this was the first time I did but really didn’t want to.  I want to support someone who I would follow into battle, yet I the pickings are slim on the Republican side.  Hell, we even let liberals nominate our Presidential candidate in the last election.


Where are the people fighting for those who sent them to Washington?  Where are our Senators?  Where are our Congressmen?  Other than a couple of outstanding Americans, they are no where to be found.  When it comes time to bash a conservative they scream like a child in third grade who finally knows the answer to a question from their teacher, but when it comes to defending the greatest society the world has ever known….crickets.


I would rather fight and lose than not fight at all.  Are elected Republicans cowards?  Are elected Republicans sold on the idea that the only way to win is to quote Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”  The answer is no. 


If you are fighting a civil enemy, civility might work, but King Obama will crush you under the sole of his shoe and keep on going if you don’t put up a fight, yet our officials act like they enjoy tasting the bottom of his shoe.  If Republicans won’t fight, who will?  If our elected officials do not have the spine to do what needs to be done, we need to find people who will. 


We are at a critical crossroad in America and if we let cowards fight the battle for us the result is inevitable.  What country do you want to live in, Lincoln’s America or Obama’s?  It is time or it will be too late.