High Gas Prices

On the left, drilling is viewed as an abomination against mother nature, an unsafe and damaging road that will hurt the environment and put peoples’ lives at risk. On the right, it is viewed as the only way to keep gas prices low and reduce the country’s dependence on other countries to survive. Both sides are right and wrong from a certain perspective, but that’s not really that important.

Responsible drilling that takes the environment into account but does not allow it to overrule human needs should be the goal of both sides. Those on the left who believe that we shouldn’t be drilling here but who don’t mind filling up their tank with Canadian or Middle Eastern oil are incorrect in their thinking. Drilling will happen somewhere. The US has the potential to do it more responsibly.

The concept of drill anywhere and everywhere is not necessarily the way, either. We’re not talking about global warming or saving an endangered minnow. We’re talking about drilling in ways that can make us most productive, allow us to be exporters of oil, but still not force a vocal minority to take drastic measures to save the trees.

It’s not a compromise between the sides that is needed. It’s an agreement that makes complete sense to both sides. Nobody has to compromise. We can be environmentally-conscious and drill everything we need to drill at the same time. The choice has to be made by the right to drill where it makes the most sense. The understanding has to come from the left that drilling is going to happen no matter what and it might as well be controlled by responsible parties.

Here’s an infographic that should be shared. Gas prices have gone up and will continue to go up for a reason. They don’t have to.

Rising Price of Gas

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