The US under President Obama has assisted in the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt and Qaddafi in Libya as civil unrest turned violent in those countries. Egypt and Libya. Both countries led by ruthless dictators – who nonetheless led stable countries that were friendly with the US.

At the time, many commentators warned of replacing the devil you know with the Devil you don’t know. Mainly concerned that the Muslim Brotherhood would take control.

Iran and Syria have also seen civil unrest turn violent. In Syria, the attacks on civilians by the government are the worst of any of the above nations. Syria and Iran are not friendly to the US. We have done nothing in support of the uprisings of those countries.

The Muslim brotherhood did take control. The US now gives them billions of dollars.

The President has spent three years apologizing for the US to our enemies and snubbing our allies. The idea was to make the US “more popular.”

Shock followed the DNC removing “God” from its platform, removing recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from its platform, and inserting support for government funded partial birth abortion on demand.

The President played dumb as to God and Israel and the former Governor of the great state of Ohio- moved the language be added back in. The delegates voted the motion down three times by overwhelming voice vote, openly booing God and Israel. The delegates don’t understand the finer points of lying for political gain. It was deemed passed anyway.

Not more than a few days after the President pretended not to know that support for Israel was removed from the DNC’s platform, he refuses a meeting with the President of Israel – who is near war with Iran. Just a scheduling conflict explains the administration – nothing to see here. Too many speeches about nothing on the President’s calendar to meet with our closest (and nearly last, if we don’t stop overthrowing our allies) ally in the region.

On 9/11/2001, terrorists executed the most horrific terror attack the United States has ever seen. On 9/11/2012, terrorists attacked the US Consult in Libya and the US Embassy in Egypt. At least three US Citizens were killed, including the US Ambassador. The stated reasons for the attacks were due to a nothing independent film that portrayed the prophet Muhammad in a bad light.

The official US response through its Embassy (occurring before the deaths) was to apologize for the film and vaunt respect for religion and not hurting people’s religious feelings.  If that sounds odd – you have to understand that support for religious freedom is very nuanced.

So for instance, when an American filmmaker finds new and creative ways to attack the religious beliefs of Christians with a big budget film – it’s called an Oscar contender. When a nobody makes a film attacking the “peaceful religion” meme of Radical Islam, he’s a despicable terrorist provoker.

And when radical Islamists (who frequently stone women to death for no apparent reason) kill innocent people for imagined slights to their prophet, religious freedom and religious feelings become important. When everyday Christians (who do not stone women) object to things like taxpayer funding of partial birth abortion – it’s called a war on women. If you want a real logical tongue twister, consider that in China there is a one-child policy, which results in people aborting girl babies until the get a boy. It’s not clear whether opposing that actual war on women (by aborting them) is considered a war on women?

But I digress.

In an attempt to weaken the impression of weakness, the White house claims the US Embassy doesn’t speak for the US – and they cued the press that it was unbelievable that Mitt Romney would be critical of the President on this.

As a result of all of this, CNN commentators couldn’t decide if it was President Bush’s fault for getting us into the IRAQ war, or if it was the filmmakers fault for making a film that was bound to hurt religious feelings. They all agreed that it was in bad taste for Mitt Romney to dare criticize the President for his foreign policy of appeasement and apology in this time of crisis.

Here’s the open mic audio of the press corp coordinating with each other on the best question to ask Mitt Romney to promote the narrative that the real story of the day is Romney’s ill-timed criticism.

The President and the media believe firmly that they can create in the American people such a staggering failure of reason – as to accept apologies to the terrorists who attack us on 9/11/2012.

Are they right?