In the joint interview tonight with Bush41 and Bush43, Bush43 apparently tells Fox news that “the GOP should remain anti-tax and pro-military.”  If you read between the lines, you will see the biggest problem with the current administration.  When he says that we should remain “anti-tax” it tells me that the President just doesn’t understand the fiscal philosophy of conservatism.  Anti-tax is not it.  We’re not about doing away with all taxes.  We’re about fiscal responsibility in which we spend as little as possible and do not tax the people for anything above that.  The President clearly believes that the success of the Reagan Revolution was the lower taxes.  In reality, the greatest success of the Reagan Revolution came in the early 1990’s when the GOP took the Reagan principles and applied them to the budget.  Once a conservative congress limited spending AND limited taxes, our economy thrived in a way that we had never seen before.  I only wish that the GOP hadn’t abandoned those principles when GWB took office.  Militarily, GWB has been an exceptional President.  However, is fiscal policies have been a disaster and I look forward to the day (hopefully 2012) when the GOP has a Presidential nominee who understands this.

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