As I sit here pondering what more I could possibly do to stop this horrendous bill from passing, it occurs to me that we are playing against a stacked deck.  We have to rely on Democrats to vote against their party and the President.  Our only hope is that their “selfish” desire to continue living the life as a U.S. Congressman gives them enough backbone to say “no”.  Long odds, or more explicitlly — fat chance.

One only has to look at what has happened to the Democrat Party over the last 30 years to appreciate what a farce it is to attribute to any Democrat the quality of being fiscally conservative.  Look at who they get their money from.  With the cost of each election skyrocketing each year, the ability to raise money is the single most important factor to becoming an elected official.  Who are the top givers to Democrats?  None other than teacher’s unions, trial lawyers, wacko environmentalists, abortion providers (liberal women’s groups), ethnic redistribution of wealth organizations (La Raza, et. al) and the gay-lesbian groups. These are the groups pulling the strings for all Democrats.

If a Democrat Representative doesn’t have “permission” to vote no, no more money and a primary opposition candidate. So let’s face it, every Democrat voting no has received permission to vote no.  The question is, when push comes to shove, are their 39 Democrats that will say no and buck their party and their money machine?  I hope so, but frankly, I doubt it.  The only reason it’s gone on as long as it has is because the American people have risen up like never before and made their wishes known.

So keep on fighting.  It’s our only hope.  But don’t delude yourself about the true moderateness of these Congressmen.  If the people hadn’t protested, this would have been voted in last August.