Today on Meet the Press, David Gregory issued a disclaimer when interviewing Senator Jeff Sessions about potential SCOTUS nominees.  It seems his wife, Beth Wilkinson had worked for one of the “short list” names being shopped around, Judge Merrick Garland. Not only had his wife worked for this guy, but he had performed the Gregory marriage ceremony.

That, however, is not the big deal.  I googled Beth Wilkinson and surprise, surprise.  She was an Executive Vice-President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary from February, 2006 until September, 2008 at……..wait for it….. Fannie Mae.  She resigned along with three other executives from Fannie Mae in September, 2008 when the Feds took over Fannie and Freddie (rats leaving the sinking ship to avoid tough questions).

Couple that with Andrea Mitchell being married to Alan Greenspan and is it any wonder that NBC has been guilty of journalistic malpractice highlighting the roll of Congress and Fannie Mae in this meltdown?