It’s time for our first ever Constitutional Convention since the approval of the U.S. Constitution.  Congress has strayed too far off the path and we just can’t wait through two election cycles to replace Congress and the President.  We need to get busy these next 6-1/2 months and elect good, solid, conservatives to our state legislatures.

If two-thirds of our states (34) vote for a Constitutional Convention — it’s on.  That convention can be used to bypass Congress and the President to enshrine into the Constitution via the amendment process with a vote of 75% of the states (38) such things as:

1) Repealing Obamacare

2) Forbidding the EPA from regulating CO2 emissions

3) Limiting the amount of taxing and spending the Congress can enact.

4) Requiring a balanced budget unless of emergency and a 2/3 vote of both houses.

Never before have we had such a threat in this country to our basic liberties.  And never before have we had such an awakening of middle-America to this threat.  People are paying attention and are becoming involved.  Let’s not wait until 2012. Let’s get it done in 2010!