I have been a big fan of Morning Joe and Joe Scarborough for the last 18 months.  Not so much lately.  It seems like ever since Joe moved to the Upper West Side in New York, he seems a bit to cozy with all of his liberal friends. He appears to be a bit to eager for their approval. 

Joe initially was the Conservative willing to criticize Bush and the Republican’s excessive spending from 2000 – 2006.  Great– I agreed with him.  I even considered him as a possible Presidential Candidate and told him so on a call in to his show six months ago. But not now. For the last six months I have been growing more and more disappointed by what I see as a leftward swing by him and his being out of touch with the ascendance of Conservatism and Constitutional issues for the American people.

For example, he never really gave a sound criticism of the Health Care Bill.  His only criticism was general.  It was a bad bill.  In fact, his most passionate opposition was after the bill was passed.  He never seemed to know what was in the bill.  Like most in the media, no one even tried to read it.  They just asked others what they thought and then picked who they believed.  It seemed to me that Joe believed the Democrats more and portrayed a belief that Republicans were just playing politics. 

That now seems to be his position on Financial Reform.  Joe Scarborough gives no inkling whatsoever that he knows what the language of this bill allows, yet he seems to think that because it says: “Financial Reform” it needs to pass.  What a let down.  I thought he was better than that.

I am alone in what I’m seeing?  Does anyone else see this?  I no longer consider Morning Joe to be one of my favorite political programs. Open thread.