With the Blagojevich case scheduled for trial in six weeks, expect the news to start heating up. CBS Chicago carried a story today that Blago’s lawyers are moving to subpoena Obama because his public statements conflict with one of the prosecution’s witnesses.  In addition, the defense has not received the transcripts of the FBI’s interview with Obama.  Stay tuned for a world class cover-up.

Shortly after Rahm Emanuel was caught on tape talking to Blagojevich, Valerie Jarrett (the presumed top Senatorial choice of Obama) suddenly removed her name from consideration.  However, when several days later the other shoe dropped and U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald held his unprecedented news conference announcing an impending indictment of a sitting Governor, one had to wonder if these three events were connected in any way (Rahm being caught on tape, Jarrett dropping from consideration, and Fitzgerald’s news conference).

One can only wonder how much the scales of justice will be tipped to protect the President.  The judge has already ruled that the Blagojevich defense team cannot play all the tapes in court — only the ones he agrees to be played.  Will the judge now deny the subpoena of Obama?  I would wager that he will along with any other subpoena’s of administration officials including phone records and other documents.

Let’s hope the Chicago press or the MSM shines a bright light on these shenanigans, but don’t hold your breath.