I have written several times over the last several months on my growing dissatisfaction with Joe Scarborough.  I believe as he’s settled into the Upper West Side of NYC he seems more concerned with being popular with his liberal friends and followers than consistently and aggressively presenting the conservative position on the consistent leftward slant of this administration.  I will not re-cap the numerous examples I have already listed in previous diaries.

Today, however, Joe launched a sudden scurilous attack on John Boehner in a discussion during the 3rd hour of Morning Joe.  He said that John Boehner was essentially “lazy” and hung out in bars every night. Why, Joe?  What purpose did that serve other than to please his growing Progressive fan base (you can see Joe Conason sitting at the table grinning from ear-to-ear). If he would have made that claim against a Democrat, he would have been widely castigated and denounced far and wide for launching a personal attack with little or no evidence.  It would be labelled as beneath journalistic standards. 

What I found most troubling, however, was that later that day President Obama also launched a personal attack on John Boehner.  Could this have been orchestrated?  Joe and Mika have become very friendly with Valerie Jarrett and she often emails them during the show to get WH points of view mentioned.  Did he do Valerie’s bidding here?

As a final comment, a year ago I thought Joe would make a good candidate for President.  No more.  He ridicules a lot of thought, positions and people who are involved in the movement to return to our constitutional roots.  No, I now believe that Joe is in it for the money.  His race is to replace David Brooks as the Liberal’s favorite “conservative”.  You can let up Joe.  I think you made it.