The Al Gore of Montgomery Village is still pushing for his ban on hydraulic fracturing in parts of Maryland he does not represent.

The more I read about these anti-fracking activists, the more it becomes clear that their main concern isn’t the environment, per se, it’s competition for their own ideas for how to exploit energy resources. Adherents to green religion like Shane Robinson have pronounced wind and solar power to be the answers to all our problems, therefore anything that stands in their way must be stopped.

This isn’t a fight over what’s good or bad for the environment. That’s just the pretty packaging used to sell it to the voters. It’s really a fight for a centrally planned (by progressive statists like Shane Robinson) economy to replace American free enterprise.

Per Delegate Robinson’s blog:

  • A ban is not only the appropriate course of action for the environment, it is the solution favored by the constituents I’ve been speaking with–scientists, business owners, teachers, parents, et al.

The alleged evidence that fracking is bad for the environment has been debunked to the point of forcing Hollywood dim-bulb Matt Damon to rewrite his anti-fracking movie script to portray the anti-fracking activist as an undercover shill for the gas companies trying to discredit the anti-fracking position by using stupid arguments against fracking! (Can you say direct-to-video?)

And to my knowledge nobody is proposing to do any fracking in Montgomery Village, so Robinson’s constituents’ opinions and $4 will buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks–especially considering that Robinson peddles junk science to them in the form of emotionally provocative yet debunked films like Gasland.

  • I don’t want our land to be a testing ground for a flawed process: We shouldn’t be risking public and environmental health so that massive energy companies can profit financially by extracting more fossil fuels. Instead, we should be focusing on improving renewable energy sources in Maryland, such as offshore wind energy.

Here we get a peek at Robinson’s real agenda. Selling wind power by demonizing hydrocarbons and capitalism. Energy companies are bad. Profits are bad. “Fossil” fuels are bad. Robinson apparently has no problem at all with the “flawed process” of a centrally planned economy.

Let’s be clear, wind power should be allowed to compete in the free market with all the other energy resources at our disposal. Right now it can’t really do that without the government artificially rigging the competition though. The technology, much like solar power, just isn’t mature enough to compete fairly so mature technologies like natural gas must be hobbled by government.

  • The argument that it will bring jobs to our state is a fallacy: Studies have shown an average of two jobs created per well, the majority of which go to out-of-state workers with experience in the field. Also, the extracted gas may end up being shipped overseas.

First of all, I doubt his job numbers for fracking are anything close to accurate. I imagine he’s a lot like Governor O’Malley who, as Chesterton would say, uses statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post…for support rather than illumination.  The suggestion that any jobs created will go to out of state workers is pretty laughable. Is Robinson suggesting that there is a glut of unemployed wind turbine specialists in Maryland?

Also, who cares whether the gas gets shipped overseas as long as the money is made here? The sale of the gas creates wealth in our economy which leads to job growth. Government subsidized wind farms only consume wealth and are likely to end up failing–ever heard of Solyndra?– if they are not a result of fair and open competition. Like his fellow statist Governor O’Malley, Robinson favors rewarding ideological cronies, not free enterprise.

At the state level, we can implement policies that prioritize renewable energy, instead of doing the bidding of the oil and gas industry by expanding fossil fuel extraction.

Here Robinson admits that so called “renewable energy”  can only compete if the government steps in to pick winners and losers. Delegate Robinson is not a friend of the environment so much as he is an enemy of free enterprise.

Neither Shane Robinson nor Martin  O’Malley are smart enough to determine what energy resources people in Maryland should or should not exploit. That determination needs to be made by a free market with free people making their own decisions. Unfortunately, to men like Robinson and O’Malley, free people are only an impediment to their ill-conceived utopian goals.