NY does NOT matter…
Despite the delusional state of Trump supporters, NY will remain a Blue State in November…

What matters is…

#PresidentialRace #Polls #Delegates #EC #SwingStates (updated 4/20):

Ted Cruz in the CNN Townhall finally said something very important that I’ve been screaming about for awhile. The NATIONAL POLLS DON’T MATTER! He didn’t say, but I always remind people, POTUS is NOT Elected by Popular National Vote! (Side-note: Nor is the GOP Nomination for POTUS Candidate Won by National Popular Vote or even most States’ % Popular Vote, but winning Delegates in the States where the winning margins may be slim but you get the most, or more, Delegates – Donald and the Trumpanzee’s do not grasp that) What matters, and Ted did finally point this out, is Head-to-Head SWING STATE POLLS.

The battle isn’t won or lost in the % Leads of Candidates in the Deep Blue or Deep Red States (Sorry, but those %’s don’t matter)! The Battle, The Presidency, is Won by the small % difference between the Candidates in the Swing States!

Ted Cruz Beats (or Tied / MOE) with Hillary in the Swing States where it matters!! Donald DOES NOT!

Trump (and his supporters) keep demonstrating, over and over, their complete lack of understanding of this when they keep repeating Trump has “Millions more Votes” (but 1M less than Hillary – NATIONALLY, WHICH DOES NOT MATTER in either Winning a Party nomination or the Electoral College to Win the Presidency). While at the same time ignoring that Trump has only just now got over 50% in NY State, while Cruz has (but, again, unless it matters to/for Delegate count) done so in THREE States – It does not matter how many you can pile on in some States and “run-up” that overall Popular Vote Total. #Clueless Donald and his #LowInformationVoters will never grasp that.

Go to Real Clear Politics website and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

Many Trump supporters will sit out when Cruz gets the nomination. That’s OK. Many Sanders’ supporters will sit out the election also. This Election is shaping up more like 2000/04 (GOP won POTUS) Election Models/Turnout than 2008/12 (GOP lost POTUS). The Primary Exit-Polls tells us this. The SCIENCE part of Political-Science matters and unfortunately very few of us bother to pay any attention to that.