The following post was written by Stephen Gutowski.

The Obama administration’s new nominee for OMB director, Jacob Lew, had some interesting comments about financial regulation reform back in 2009. Watch:

Its important that other nations of the world do the same thing. They’d have to be similar rules around the world or else there will be a natural tendency for institutions to look for the places they would not have to comply with tougher standards.

Right. The nominee to run Obama’s budget office is openly admitting that if the rest of the world doesn’t adopt equally unfriendly business practices as those in the liberal’s financial regulation reform bill then businesses will naturally leave this country. Wow.

So, given that we all know the entire world isn’t going to enact the anti-business practices this administration is pushing, it seems that the Obama administration knows business will “naturally” leave the country after it imposes its policy yet doesn’t care. How pro-business of them. They clearly care about the economy.

I’m starting to worry that this administration is going to lead us into their liberal dream world at the cost of another great depression. I mean how can you know full well (and openly admit!) that your economic policies will drive away businesses and still pursue them none the less? This is insanity.