Earlier tonight, I was watching a WWE pay-per-view when I glanced at Twitter and saw David Limbaugh post a link and ask if anyone knew about this story:

Multiple federal investigations are probing the $2 billion Obamacare co-op loan program at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, The Washington Examiner has learned.


Investigators are focusing on the co-op program’s lack of transparency, high likelihood of multiple defaults, and recurring charges of political favoritism in the selection process for choosing funding recipients.

I added the boldness there for those who might’ve missed it. Apparently, while the IRS is showing political malice toward conservative group, HHS is showing political favoritism. If you are shocked at all by this, I encourage you to ask a friend to slap you about the head until you’re cured of this lapse of reason.

Favoritism and bankruptcy seem to be the biggest worries here. Given what he know of how liberals have been working, in the case of the latter, we’ll just work under the assumption that of course it will run out of money. For the former, let’s take a moment and think about it: this highly unpopular law needs co-ops. Hilariously, despite every conceivable warning that there is absolutely no way this will work out, the government is being accused of favoritism in handing out the money. From the same story:

In Congress, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, said an insider deal between the Vermont Health CO-OP and one of its founding senior executives “smells and reeks to high heaven of cronyism.”

Blackburn, who is vice-chairman of the energy and commerce panel, added that “what we would like to see are the applications and find out what this [HHS] vetting process was.”

Vermont’s state insurance commissioner recently rejected the co-op’s application for a license to sell health insurance in part due to the insider deal, calling it “illegal.”


There are really only two ways this can actually be going down. Either there are people who told Obama “We’re okay with doing this” (and they should be avoided at all costs) and he is rewarding them OR people are being bribed into doing this (and they should be avoided at all costs). As sad as I feel about saying this, I really hope it’s the latter. At least I know then there is a conscience there, if not an easily-bought one.