The American community has a lot of common interests that our Constitution plainly spells out.  These include individual rights, state’s rights, national defense, interstate commerce, and construction and maintenance of “post roads.”  There are more, but they are limited for the specific purpose of allowing most government activity to be carried out at lower levels where it can be more closely monitored by We, The People.  There have, of course, been Ammendments over time for the purpose of ensuring that the original set of rights afforded to all are specifically protected.  These include ammendments recognizing a woman’s right to vote and ensuring that local governments do not discriminate against anyone in the application of basic Constitutional protections.  America has come a long way, though the basic principle of not giving one person or group any more rights than another person or group has remained constant.

As we enjoy our Constitutional rights, we are also obligated to fulfill certain obligations, such as complying with so many laws that even the lawyers and politicians who create them can’t remember them all.  But as long as they obey the law, the American citizen should never have to see the inside of a jail cell or face a peace officer with his weapon drawn.  And those laws apply to everyone, right?

Sadly, no.  Let’s take the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare.”  Never in the nation’s history has the citizen been forced to purchase something or face criminal prosecution.  Never has there been such a sweeping law that requires a free citizen to pay more tomorrow for something they are already buying at a fair price today.  Saddest of all, and most certainly in violation of the spirit of equal protection for all under the Constitution, is that those who wrote and passed the law in Congress and in the White House are not subject to it.  Isn’t the law un-Constitutional based on that fact alone?

The situation is simply this – the citizen is now required to buy health insurance at a higher price than before or pay a tax or, failing that, face the threat of being taken to jail at the point of a gun.  Yet there are those who are protected from this law and allowed to have a better, cheaper healthcare system available to them.  Is that equal protection?  Is that freedom?