Anyone in business – especially if they work in sales – knows that it’s almost impossible to sell a product unless there is demand for it.  Sometimes a fast talking salesman can create demand with a slick story, sometimes the demand results from availability of new technology or introduction of a needed invention.  Successful businesses identify demands and supply products and services to satisfy them.  Policitians know the dynamic of supply and demand, too, and spend millions on market research to match their message to the perceived demands of voters.

For those who believe that Barack Obama is a failed president at this point in his first term, I disagree with you.  If anything, President Obama has been a monumental success when measured in terms of progress towards his long term goals.  In short, he has weathered criticism with a silent smile as he has taken giant steps towards creating demand for a socialist welfare state among a very large segment of voters.

How has he done this?

Obama doesn’t want low unemployment – he wants to grow the number of people dependent upon unemployment checks and Government hand outs.

Obama doesn’t want the man of the house putting food on his family’s table – he wants the family dependent upon Government food stamps.

Obama doesn’t want the US to be energy-independent – he wants to control the supply of energy so that he can control businesses and homes.

Examples of Obama’s steady march towards pure socialism are around every corner.  And he has been successful with almost every one of his initiatives.  When he controlled Congress, he did it with laws.  When he lost control of the House of Representatives, he let loose a series of Executive Orders, many of which were hidden from the public eye by the co-operating news media.

President Obama has created an environment that continues to increase demand for his message.  Borrowing character portraits from Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto,”  he pits American against American by focusing on differences in race and wealth.  He heaps blame on the wealthy in speeches met with massive applause.  He hamstrings business with regulations and taxes – then laments the loss of jobs that he created.  Again borrowing from Marx, and also from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals,” Obama and his surrogates bend the truth, often spewing outright cunards (lies) in accordance with the radical ethic that success must be acheived by any means necessary.

What many of his supporters fail to see is that he has played them for chumps – methodically tricking them into trading their votes and freedom for wealth and opportunity that was already their right as free men – which, sadly, they no longer are.

It’s hard to win over voters by asking them to “work hard and achieve” when Obama demonizes the wealthy and promises to confiscate and re-distribute their wealth with the stroke of a pen.  “Sit back,” he seems to tell American, “trust in me and I’ll take care of you.”  Such is the time honored message of socialist revolutionaries.

In normal times, a presidential candidate espousing socialist principles would find no support in America.  But Obama has won one election and may well win another with precisely that message.  As President, he continues to implement policies that may appear to some as being drastic failures that do nothing but cause pain to working Americans.  But that appears to be his plan.  As in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” Obama enjoys the luxury, comfort and perks of The White House while the working man he purports to support labors painfully under the yoke of his policies.

Can Mitt Romney create enough demand for his message of shared success, freedom and personal responsibility to win the Presidency?  Perhaps he can paint a believable picture of failure on the President’s part and borrow an old strategy – hope and change.

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