The word just was put forth: Stewart Smalley is now the Junior Senator from Minnesota. It took a system that allowed for the discovery of ballots in cars, stuck in machines, and quite possibly down in the basement behind the furnace. Never can tell where a ballot is going to show up but, at least if you know what you want the eventual outcome of the race to be, you have a number to shoot for and a goal. Makes me wonder whether we had teams from Venezuela, Cuba, and Somalia observing.

Then there’s New York. That one kinda hits home for me. Hmmm… Kennedy…. America’s Royal Family… Yup -been there, done that. I’m amazed. It is enough to have made me almost comfortable with the possibility of Senator Caretaker Sick Willie. If I needed someone to take care of something for me – don’t think he’d be my first choice but the idea of appointing a Kennedy to a seat simply because of popularity based on a last name really sickens me.

Our founding fathers created this wonderful document called the US Constitution. At the time this forgotten document was drafted, I am quite certain that there was institutional awareness of a body dubbed the “House of Lords”. In that body, the British folks are represented by people who live in manses and ride to the hunt and drive sweet cars like the Bentley Continental GT. Our guys sidestepped that process and specifically created a system rooted in things other than last names.

I was once approached by a friend in DC about championing a Constitutional Amendment to prevent relatives from succeeding their kin in our Legislative Branch. Its not a bad idea. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure that Duncan Hunter Jr. is going to do a great job but we have to be fair. There are a lot more Kennedys than Hunters across the nation and Duncan Sr is probably through raising kids.

This all came up during speculation that my former opponent was going north to take his father’s Senate seat in Massachusetts. Speculation died down though when the Liberal Lyin’ announced that he wanted his wife to ascend to the family seat. The Heir Transparent will have to wait until his step mom is finished. The other name that came up was former Congressman Joe Kennedy. Seems that the seat has belonged to a Kennedy for over 50 years with a two year exception. Jack had become President and Ted wasn’t yet old enough to sit at the big kids’ table. Simple fix – JFK had his roomie from Harvard keep the seat warm for two years.

The idea of familial ownership has come up in NY too. “The open seat is Bobby Kennedy’s old seat”, say Caroline’s advocates. Excuse me, but wasn’t Bobby a carpetbagger? Didn’t he move to NY to run for the seat just as his nephew came to the Ocean State with the intent of running for Congress? There was rumour that Teddy Jr was going to move within Connecticut and challenge Chris Shays. Shays is gone now, of course. One Republican, it seems is too many but Kennedys political lives must be allowed to multiply like bunnies.

Maybe its time for that amendment. Maybe its scope should be expanded in order to limit parents and children from serving at the same time. Maybe the amendment should stop siblings and cousins from serving together. Maybe it should say in big bold letters: POLITICS WAS NOT INTENDED TO BE A FAMILY BUSINESS OR A LIFETIME CAREER CHOICE!!!! GET A REAL JOB AND LET THE PEOPLE GOVERN THEMSELVES. NOW GO AWAY.

I wonder if Stewart Smalley has a sister.