The Rope-a-Dope. The joke is so easy, it almost writes itself. This week, though, we’ve got to put the emphasis on the word dope. It works on two levels: Dope, the insult directed at the fantastically dunderheaded, and the cannabis derivative that has become the official inhalant of Occupy Wall Street. I think I want to go on record and say that neatly-rolled joints and rape are the only things being finished in the Occupy movement. Losers. And this week, seemingly out of nowhere, Mitt Romney delivered two body shots to the Lord Loser the Loathed himself. And because he did, now comes the media spin, a.k.a “How Mitt Romney screwed up the greatest chance at the Presidency ever”. There’s a major problem, though. The media has taken off the referee jersey, and is now standing in the ring fighting next to Beer Summit.

The problem with both of Mitt’s “gaffes” this week is so easy to put your finger on its scary. They are rooted in truth. The first was the statement in regard to the tragic and vile attack (and that’s what it is) occurring at our embassy in Libya. Mitt did what a President should do, he condemned an apology, condemned the attack, and expressed both disappointment and anger with just a hint of possible retaliation. The most condemning argument against the re-election of the most disorganized community organizer in history is thus: We were all stunned by Mitt Romney’s statement, because the last four years had actually made us forget how Presidents are supposed to act!

The other gaffe comes from a closed-door fundraiser where Romney was apparently “unguarded”, and he mentiond that Obama supporters who don’t pay income taxes are, well I’ll just let you read the words yourself (copied from HuffPo):

“There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what,” Romney says in one clip. “All right — there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent on government, who believe that, that they are victims, who believe that government has the responsibility to care for them. Who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing.”

Then comes the deluge. Let’s pause for a second and remember the flap over “bitter clingers”. You remember the progressive left’s defense? They said that it was not a gaffe because it was true. Now they are looking at what Mitt Romney just said, and I’m pretty sure an orgy of near Roman proportions is about to break out. And why? Because it’s true.

The attack will be two-pronged, becuase the statement is true. First, it will be added to the “out-of-touch rich white guy” argument, and second, it will be presented as false. HuffPo has already taken the lead, stating that people pay zero because they take deductions that both Republicans and the Democrat Workers Party have championed. BullBiden. And all of the sudden, Mitt Romney has blown a chance at the Presidency that he apparently never had. Romney had Obama on the ropes, right? And now he’s blown it, right? Wrong. Last week, the media and the polling were telling us this thing was over. They were wrong then. They are Pelosi-wrong now. (How to be Pelosi-wrong? Pull the skin of your head taught in the back, apply a potato chip bag clip, and swear 2010 didn’t happen, then read your meds to find out what’s in them…)

This should be an Obama bounce, if the Soicalist Media Workers Party is to be believed. I see it another way. I think this is type of stuff Mitt Romney shouldn’t be saying in private. He should be saying it in public. You’ve had your gloves up well into the late rounds, Mittster. Time to come out swingin’.


This will be published at about 1:00AM EST on Tuesday Sep.18, 2012. Rush Limbaugh is going to ape this argument on his September 18, 2012 show. Mark my words. That’s why you should listen to The Joseph Kurt Show, Saturdays at 6pm on 94.3WSC-FM in Charleston. I love Rush, so don’t tell him I said that.