People across my home state of Missouri are fed up. Middle-class wages have stagnated for decades, as more and more jobs move overseas. An opioid epidemic sweeps through our towns. Health care costs are out of control. Education is so expensive not even a second mortgage can pay for it.

Missourians are calling out for change.

But the liberal elites who run our country don’t even pretend to listen—Hollywood, Wall Street, and D.C. politicians have rigged the system. They refuse to secure the border, even as illegal immigrants drive down wages for working Americans. They collude to raise taxes on the middle class, while protecting monopolistic corporations. They hand out favors to lobbyists and special interests, all while calling us “deplorable.” They ignore the many, in favor of the few.

And no politician is more guilty than our own Senator. Claire McCaskill went to D.C. twelve years ago, promising to fight on behalf of the middle class. She has done anything but.

McCaskill refuses to work with President Trump and votes with Chuck Schumer almost 90% of the time instead. She won’t vote to secure the border or to stop the offshoring of American jobs. But she’s gladly voted to raise taxes over 200 times, to raise the cost of health insurance, and to stack the courts with liberal ideologues. She’s voted with Wall Street to make the big banks bigger, while our small businesses suffocate under burdensome regulations.

Missouri deserves better than Claire McCaskill.

That’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate. Missouri’s elected officials should represent the heartland, not the worst of the D.C. cartel.

I grew up in Lexington, a small, working-class town of five thousand people. From my family and my neighbors, I learned the value of work and dignity. From our church community, I learned the value of faith and service. From the teachers at my Christian school, I learned that it is not the powerful or the well-connected who turn the wheels of history—it is normal people who live with compassion, and dignity, and grace. That’s the heartland way of life.

And it’s time we had someone to speak for that way of life in Washington.

Standing up for Missouri means fighting for manufacturing and agriculture in my state. It means standing up to corporate interests in New York and Washington. It means fighting for the people.

As Missouri’s Attorney General, I have challenged corporate giants that violate antitrust and consumer protection laws. I have opposed the unconstitutional “individual mandate” of Obamacare. I have defended Missourians from countless fraudulent schemes.

As a U.S. Senator, I plan to continue that work—and more.

It’s time to take on the D.C. cartel and those who profit from it, people like Claire McCaskill. It’s time to send someone to the U.S. Senate who respects our way of life, someone who will defend it, who will fight for it, who knows that the heartland is the best of America—and can be the best of America’s future.