Sorry for using THE CAPS in title, but it seems like the sleeping giant known as the 41 Republican U.S. Senators might actually have some life in them. See Human Events, Jeff Sessions on Kagan: “Filibuster Is Not Off The Table”,

     “…In an exclusive interview, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee said that a ‘filibuster is not off the table,’ but cautioned that such a procedural tactic would only be employed under ‘extraordinary circumstances.’ Asked if Kagan’s penchant for judicial and political activism hit the benchmark of ‘extraordinary circumstances,’ Sessions wouldn’t commit, but noted how Kagan did not ‘help herself in her testimony.’ If confirmed, Sessions said that Kagan could very well be one of five judges ‘who can actually redefine the meaning of those words [the Constitution] that protect our liberties.’
     ‘Frankly, I don’t think she assuaged our concerns at the [confirmation] hearing.'”

     Well, Jeff, I don’t think she assuaged a LOT of people’s concerns. Time to act, beats being a doormat. (And some Red State Dem senators might even follow, to separate themselves from Obama and his Harvardlaw cronies and big government gone nuts…(see the previous diary for more details))

     To reinforce Sessions’ filibustory tendencies (and those of his fellow senators), call his office at (202) 224-4124, or send a fax to (202) 224-3149. Our senators are beginning to come around, let’s make sure they finish the job.