Erick with another brilliant analysis of what’s going on with the GOP leadership and the GOP freshmen. Read. Ponder. Read Again. Then call.

If the GOP freshmen do not vote NO on the continuing resolution and if they do not vote NO on raising the debt ceiling, it will be the end of our Republic as we know it. Quite simply, the GOP will lose the House, the Senate and the White House in 2012. Not because they will be primaried (although some will be), but because conservatives will be SO ANGRY at the people they fought for 2 years to get into office and BE OUR VOICE who went to DC and got co-opted (who’d have ever thought they’d vote for taxpayer funded abortions? funding of Obamacare? which is what they are voting FOR if they vote for the CR). Voters will be so angry that they will turn to third party candidates, they will not support those freshmen again, and the vote WILL be split and the GOP will go down in defeat in the House, Senate and White House.

You contacted Congress before the health care vote when there was little chance of success. But with the GOP freshmen I believe we still have a voice, they will still listen to us. Call them. Reason with them. Call the ones in other states, they understand that you have influence in their elections through social media and campaign donations, every Congressman’s vote affects you and your family, let them hear from you. Explain that the next CR vote, and the debt ceiling vote are the reasons we sent them to DC, and ask them if they ever thought they’d so quickly succumb to the establishment mentality when they were elected just a few short months ago … or have they retained their mindset of warriors going to DC to fight!

You can reach each of these Congressmen by calling 202-224-3121. Please ask them first about their vote, as some have already said they are a “no” … Erick’s article has them listed by likely vote, take a look at the link above and go to work Tea Party.

If these votes are not “No” on each issue … turn out the lights.