I had a chat with my good friend Linda today, we were both kinda feeling the pain of not having had any “wins” yet. A win, like an actual budget. Some regulations abolished. A showdown with the Senate or the Obama Admin that we don’t cave to. A South Carolina law passed that an activist judge or the DOJ doesn’t squash.

But I got to thinking about the retirement of Ben Nelson. And Barney Frank. And Herb Kohl. And Mike Ross. And Kent Conrad. And Dan Boren. And more. All Dems, all used to having the power, and the chairmanships and the committees. All resigning before the next election cycle, before their primaries. What this tells me is that they know … THEY KNOW! that they will not be in power after 2012. Their retirements tell me more than polls, more than pundits, more than tea party blogs swearing they will defeat those traitors … They tell me the Dems KNOW they are headed for disaster.

Why else give up all the power of a Senate seat before they have to fight to defend it? It’s still a while away, long months to come, and we will probably have our hearts and spirits broken a few more times, however … “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

And I think a few seeds are beginning to take root.

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