Here’s a list of the 50 bills in Congress that moved people to contact Congress about them. (boy that is an unfriendly grammatical sentence!)

It’s good info to have. However … it’s extremely depressing to see how many of the bills We The People thought important enough to communicate with Congress about are unpassed, still in committee, or never got a vote.

Really cements the reality that it’s not the People’s House any longer. Pissed about that? Me too.

Ready to put aside your lives, recreational time, money, agendas, short term plans to change that?

We’ll see. I know some of you are. I know some of you are getting there 🙂 I believe, based on my own experience, that there are more of us out there who just need some information and understanding of “What Can I Do About This?” … go find them. We need them.

An informed electorate is a politician’s worst nightmare.

Happy New Year. A year from today, let’s check in again, and I pray we’ll be more free, more secure, more optimistic about our future, less worried about our children’s future.

Cross post from the Spartanburg Tea Party