This could be just another article on the SC ballot fiasco, except that Shawn Drury of The Patch, confirmed to me personally that at least TWICE Governor Haley directly expressed to him “gratitude that the story had not received national attention.”

That is shameful. And I mean that it the fullest sense of the word. It brings shame on South Carolina and South Carolina voters that SC’s Governor is grateful that the news of corruption and concentration of power, and legislators appointing judges that led to 250 challenger being removed from the ballots has not received national attention.

It brings shame to South Carolina that thousands … hundreds of thousands? … of South Carolina voters had their right to vote taken away in the primaries and our Governor is grateful that no one outside of our state is really talking about this.

It brings shame to South Carolina that the incumbents wrote and passed a law that resulted in their protection from having a challenger for at least 2 or 4 more years, that those incumbents did nothing to rectify the situation to give SC voters back their vote, and Governor Haley is grateful that no one outside of our state know how a law that she sponsored was used to cancel elections entirely in some SC counties.

It brings shame to South Carolina that, in order for South Carolinians to have a choice at the ballot in November, citizen volunteers had to spend 8 weeks of their time, time away from family, using up vacations, walking neighborhoods gathering 300,000 signatures to put 150 candidates back on the ballot … and that Governor Haley is not bragging on the national stage how committed citizens in her state is to making sure that every candidate had a chance and every voter had a choice, despite the Court ruling.

From the Patch article:

When then-Gov. Mark Sanford signed H3066 into law on May 28, 2010, it seemed to be a positive step forward in the state’s quest to be more transparent and less ethically-challenged. But that’s not what happened, Sanford recently told Patch. Instead, “the bill basically turned into an incumbency protection program,” he said.

“I think it’s a travesty. It was supposed to allow for greater information about candidates to taxpayers.”

Current Gov. Nikki Haley has referred to the ballot mess of the last few months as an “embarrassment” on several occasion and expressed gratitude that the story had not received national attention.

It certainly is an embarrassment to us, Governor.

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