Unless you live in a cave, you’ve likely heard about the administration’s war on salt.  It would be laughable were it not a painful reality, but it has come to this – regulating the condiments Americans can consume.  Ignore the constitutional issues, or even the ‘compelling government interest’ in regulating Americans’ sodium intake; Obama’s war on salt is flat-out racist.  That’s right, I’m pulling the race card.

Think about it – why did he choose salt, the single most popular condiment in the world? Notice, Obama didn’t go after pepper – that mysterious gray-black condiment that is an acquired taste.  Nor did he choose to assail ketchup or mustard – they enhance the diversity of our condiment selection and, therefore, will be receiving subsidies as part of the administration’s Condiment Equalization Program.  He chose salt because salt had it coming – with its purity tests (have you ever seen a grain that wasn’t pristine white?) and its white supremacy.  Salt is on every table in the world, not to mention in most foods and snacks we buy.  It is elitist, arrogant, and incites violence everywhere – using the kind of incendiary and truly frightening rhetoric we saw in San Francisco in the 70s.  Salt causes obesity – a direct assault on joints and muscles; and contributes to serious heart disease.  In short, salt is the single greatest threat to our domestic security – not radical Islamic terrorists.  We must stop the advance of salt before it is too late.

I don’t seriously believe the war on salt is racist, but it seems this is the type of ‘cogent analysis’ that passes for political discourse these days.  Any sign of dissent from the current administration is dubbed racist, dangerous and incendiary.  No matter how many leftists/Marxists we have on record declaring the patriotic value of dissent during the Bush years, any divergent opinion is now seditious and inflammatory.  They keep pushing the lines further to the left, and anything that ignores their ground rules is reflexively racist.  Even pointing out that the simple newsworthiness of incidents of true racism indicates we have come a long way from Jim Crow, as one NRO reader wrote to Jay Nordlinger, is derided as racist.  I am not saying racism is dead – I have met several truly racist people.  Society as a whole, however, is far more tolerant than even just a few years ago.  Apparently the left is not familiar with the boy who cried wolf – when the wolf actually showed up, no one cared.  We’re not there yet, but when normal, patriotic Americans who happen to disagree with one of the most left-of-center administrations in history are reflexively derided as racist, people will soon stop caring.  Using derogatory homo-erotic nicknames for a truly grassroots movement is not going to endear the electorate to the liberal establishment or the mainstream media.  There is a reason Republicans are up 10 points on the generic ballot and Fox News has more viewers that most of the other networks combined.   

Martin Luther King, Jr. (R-GA) spoke of a day when his “four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  (If you’re not familiar with the speech in toto, I would strongly suggest reading it…and perhaps sending a copy to the POTUS.  Were he alive today, I believe he would be deeply saddened by the divisive politicization of racial differences.  We have now elected an African-American president, African-American legislators, and African-American governors.  African-Americans succeed in business, the law, politics, education and every other facet of society.  Yet, to hear the rhetoric coming from the Democratic Party, we are worse off today than we were in 1860.  Such is the state of our nation, and a sad state it is.  We cannot control their vitriol, we can only control our actions.  Reject racism -true racism, not the imagined racism we hear so much about – and be ever vigilant, for if we operate from the moral high ground, we will never lose.

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