That Way’s Been Tried!

One of the president’s recurring themes on the campaign trail is that we’ve tried “their” way, meaning the Republican’s economic plans for lower spending, regulation, and government intrusion into a citizen’s life, and that this was, in fact, the cause of our current “mess.”

Really, Mr. President?

If the president was correct there would be recent examples of:

  • Years when federal spending actually declined from the previous year.
  • Years when businesses of all sizes had fewer regulatory hoops to jump through, making it easier and less expensive to operate and create the jobs so badly needed.
  • Years when administrations (Republican and Democrat) didn’t define success by how many big-ticket pieces of legislation were enacted.
  • Years when tax liberation day, the date when a person’s tax liability was met and they were now earning money for themselves, was earlier in the year instead of later.

In fact, there are no examples of any of these.

Yet, amazingly, a significant proportion of the citizenry not only believe the president (thanks to a constant repetition of propaganda that would make Heir Goebbels proud), they think that “my way” where the government lives within its Constitutional bounds and financial means is the “radical” approach to governance.

James Madison must be spinning in his grave.

No, Mr. President, it’s your way of thinking, with ever-increasing budgets, deficits, and debt that has held sway for many years now and it is why this country is on the very brink of economic collapse.

My way better get a chance before it’s too late.