I have a suggestion for the RNC. At the convention, instead of having some boring politician that nobody cares about speak for 30 minutes repeating the same things the last speaker just said, use those 30 minutes to do the news.

We all know that journalism is dead. Well lets prove that. Use 5 minutes to do a full report on  Solyndra. Five minutes on Fast and Furious. Ten minutes on the Occupy movement vs. the Tea Party movement showing the violence of Occupy and mentioning their rapes and attempts to blow up bridges. And then 10 minutes on the economy and jobs. Use the video big screen to show these reports. Show the job creation graph and employment graph that I have seen on conservative sites but have never seen on ABC. Use Obama’s own words about him being a 1 term President if he doesn’t turn things around his first 3 years, which CBS has never mentioned. Give the facts that the media doesn’t give. Call it a primer for the convention speech’s to come.

Divide the 4 segments up over the first night in prime time so that it doesn’t get too boring. These are four stories that will likely be talked about during the speech’s of the 30 or so speakers during the rest of the convention. How effective will those reference’s be if the viewers have little clue of the huge importance of those issues.

It will also be a shot at the media for them not doing their job, so the RNC has to do it for them. I am telling you, the average independent voter has no clue about Occupy, Solyndra, or Fast and Furious. They just don’t.