Whether President Obama and his family settle in Chicago or on some island in Hawaii, Americans can mark this week as the beginning of the end of the president’s long farewell Obama’s much needed departure will not be due entirely to last week’s GOP National Convention in Tampa and the subsequent nomination of Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential candidate.

America is at a crucial tipping point in its illustrious history. 

The socialist minded presidential principles of Obama have joined with millions of illegal aliens who have been given a presidential pass to demand entry through your gates to rights and privileges given citizens.  They can ignore federal and state citizenship laws, and walk openly into your cities to demand housing in your neighborhoods. Illegal aliens can insist upon free health care at your hospitals and soon sue for the right to the keys to your child’s college education.

This is not the future in America…This is today, this is right now!

What will it take for voters to determine in Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Florida, Virginia and Colorado, that the battle for your children’s future is not just in your November 6th vote, but in your actions, today, tomorrow, Labor Day and beyond?

Over the course of the last several weeks, some Americans have refocused their attention on issues that are personal to their family to their selfhood.  Many Americans are coming to the realization that their American life and all that is precious is under attack.  Their liberty is under assault.  Their freedom is being marginalized by Obama’s Executive Privilege pen strokes.  Jobs and hard work has been replaced by growing family debt and your desperate attempts to pay the mortgage bill or the car note. This is real misery index, 24 hours a day.
In this political season of unrest there is a movement in the hearts and minds of voters that is stirring in the cauldron of discontent in Michigan communities like Wayne, Genesee, Macomb County and many others. The political tide and voter frustration and anger are galvanizing. The national and state polls in battleground states like Michigan and Ohio are tightening.

You don’t have to believe the polls, just ask your buddies at the unemployment line, or your former co-worker at the grocery store, or even your fellow farmers at the town square and community meetings.  Millions like you in the nation are waking up.  The president’s deficit spending quagmire which has dragged nearly 23 million families into unemployment and thousands of towns and whole communities into debt, despair and depression is setting an electoral fire under swing state voters.

Suddenly, Obama and his election ciphers huddled in Chicago have more to fear than fear itself. They will be facing an actual energized voter revolution!

States like Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Virginia and even Wisconsin that Obama scooped into his electoral column in 2008, are now steadily trending in polls towards Mitt Romney.  In fact according to recently released Rasmussen Poll numbers, amongst 11 key swing states, Obama has dropped from 53 percent, in this same period in 2008, to currently 47 percent.  Romney comes in at 44 percent and is increasingly closing the voter polling gap.

Most importantly, historically when polls begin to tighten this early in a presidential race, instead of later, the incumbent president is typically shown the door.

The president’s campaign handler’s knees are literally knocking because upon closer examination, Ohio, Michigan and Florida’s recent state poll numbers are much, much closer.  Obama is only leading Romney by 1 percentage point in both Ohio and Florida and in Virginia; he leads Romney by .6 percent of a point.  Folks, that is a statistical dead heat.  All of this before the traditional convention bump that presidential campaigns receive.

America is in a countdown mode this week.  As the balloons in Tampa, Florida  fell to the convention floor after Mitt Romney accepted the nomination, his home state of Michigan and neighboring state of Ohio are joining other battle ground states  and the rest of America to remove this presidential stain upon America’s history.

Voters in Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Virginia will be playing a key role in using every vote, from civilian and military voters to win back the nation and return it to its conservative principles, values and economic freedom.  Your battle is to not just hold the line against Obama’s socialist-minded presidential aggression, but to toss him and his fellow comrades out of the White House by the seat of their pants.

Ohio, Michigan and other key battle ground state voters are at the tipping point.  Their concerted efforts can effectively end the Obama administration’s policies of debt, despair and economic destruction.  America deserves better and with Obama’s loss of the presidency, America, and this nation’s citizens will be better.  

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