It’s the political silly season, and the other day I was driving behind a car. On the back of the car, there was a bumper sticker asking “Got Hope?” My reply” Yes, yes I do!

Now, those who know me know I’m a political junkie. Iv’e been reading the political blogs and eating up everything I can about this election. I’m a strong believer in our system and enjoy the privileges of partaking in it. While there are days that I come home ranting and raving about what’s going on and the idiocy of our government, in the end politics is enjoyable for me.

But I need to make something clear….hopefully those who know me best know that before I affiliate myself with a political ideology or party, I identify myself with a Person – Jesus Christ. Above all else, that’s where my identity lies.

And so yes, I do have Hope. I had Hope before the 2008 election began (though I don’t know…seems like the 2008 election cycle started 10 years ago….). I had Hope before it became a popular mantra invoked by a presidential candidate and his zombie cult followers. I had Hope starting in 1989 when I professed my faith in Christ.

You see, my Hope doesn’t lie in Obama or McCain. my Hope lies in Christ and Christ alone! My Hope and Change! Because as I’m walking with my Lord, He’s changing me each day to be more like Him!

Presidents and candidates make promises they can’t keep….they pander to people to get their vote and give them what they want to hear. Christ, on the other hand, doesn’t make promises He can’t keep and He sure doesn’t tell people what they want to hear — He speaks the Truth! He’s faithful to His Word. He told us that He’s the only way to God the Father, and that He came to give us Life and Life more abundantly!

Don’t get me wrong…I want to see McCain win, and believe he has a good shot at it. But if he doesn’t, I know that God is sovereign and He’ll still be in control over all. Paul reminds us in Romans 13:1 “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authoritiy comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.” So, if McCain loses, . God’s in control and it’s all accordinig to His Will. And, in reading Jeremiah, I’m reminded that the Judeans were exiled to Babylon, but God promised to take care of them and to bring them home if they just trusted in Him. He’ll do the same for those of us know that Obama is not what this country needs!

There’s no one here tat can provide the Hope and Change I truly need. The One (the REAL One) who can left earth nearly 2000 years ago, and yet still lives! And, unlike anyone here, He’s King for eternity. That’s my Hope!

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