SEC And Madoff Reach Agreement – He “may” be forced to pay it all back!

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If this story is correct then there is far more wrong in Washington, D.C. than anyone could imagine.  A CBS/AP story states the following:

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday announced an agreement with disgraced money manager Bernard Madoff that could eventually force him to pay a civil fine and return money raised from investors.

He “may” have to pay it all back?  He “might” have to pay a civil fine?  How horrible.  If I was Charles Manson I would demand a retrial and ask for the SEC to prosecute! What’s a few murders compared to a $50 billion scam.

Not to worry though.  The Clintons are still circling the White House like buzzards.  Just toss some cash their way and maybe he can join the Marc Rich I got away with it all club.




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