Syria and Iran Stance
Right now in Syria 70,000 people are dying because of Assad’s power trip. We as a country haven’t done a damn thing to stop these killings. We have yet to impose a no fly zone, we have sent aid in there but it has yet to get into the hands of the opposition. The Administration refuses to intervene in any way all they keep saying is Assad’s removal is inevitable. What kind of foreign policy is this? We should be sending arms to the opposition, closing the airspace, and imposing a no fly zone for a longer period of time and assigning a peacekeeping force to help on the ground in Syria. If we do not do anything to remove Assad he will resort to plan B which is ethnic cleansing near the shore of Syria. This will cause serious sectarian violence between Sunni, Shiite and Alewites and Jews and Christians. Right now Sunni’s make up for 74 percent of Syria’s population. Shiites make up for 13 percent of Syria’s population. Alawites make up 11 percent and Christian make up ten percent. If this occurs it will turn into what Saddam did with the Shiites in Iraq when he was in power. Here is my plan for Syria We need to impose a no fly zone over Syria we need to supply the opposition with arms, ammunition, and protective combat gear. We need to cut off aid to Russia until they take a tough stance against Assad. We need to impose tougher economic sanctions against Syria. Also we need to urge the Arab League to intervene and force Assad to step down. If none of these ideas work then we need a multilateral military escalation that focuses on driving Assad out of Syria and driving the Iranian Revolutionary Guard out of Syria and setting up a democratic government.
In Iran we have not done anything to stop their creation of a nuclear weapon. They have violated numerous international treaties. Also in 2009 during the election protests innocent Iranians were killed and the administration stood by and watched them get slaughtered. In February there will be elections in Iran again and the Iranian people will hit the streets once again to protest for democracy. I think Iran has been given too many chances to talk we need action now. Here is what I purpose. We need to arm the MEK then we need to send them into Iran to start an escalation that will then continue with the help of the Iranian people who we will also arm. This escalation will then be joined by a multilateral air strike that will focus on crippling the Iranian military and the government. This will then drive out the secular and radical mullahs. Then we will work with the UN to implement a democratic government ran by the Shah of Iran’s son Reza Pahlavi. Also we need to cut off Foreign Aid to Russia and China for condoning the violence that Iran has committed against its people. Under Reza Pahlavi’s government Iran will have a strong economy and a flourishing government like they did when the Shah was in power. This is what we need to do and I urge members of Congress to do something about this.