John McCain made a point of singling out an individual in last night’s debate and I think he’s just guaranteed that that person is going to be completely and utterly destroyed, along with his family.

Everyone knows Joe the Plumber by now, and the New York Times is running an article about everything about him and his family. It’s really wrong to mention someone in a debate when you know they’re going to get drawn and quartered by the press as a result.

The knives are out for Joe the Plumber, and it was a mistake for McCain to single him out.

John McCain should never have mentioned this man. He not only didn’t help his case, he has destroyed him in the process.

McCain lost last night’s debate, by the way. I haven’t chimed in until now, but I shut it off after the first hour because McCain was wrecking himself. He was erratic and unprepared, because he still harbors illusions about himself about being the middle of the road in this country, but he’s wrong.

Back to the drawing board, folks. Try to live through the next four years.