Call it Schadenfreude, call it social justice, call it the result of a boneheaded and starry-eyed business model. Call it CurrentTV, the highly unconventional “democracy based” Birkenstock and patchouli, user-participatory circus pioneered by AlGore, which is now laying off a bunch of people. At least some of whom are Twittering about it. CurrentTV has found that nobody really wants to watch strictly amateur-hour television, made by amateurs, for amateurs.

As part of the impending transition at Current TV, one source says the company is going to drop its shorter (user-generated content) videos in favor of the more traditional 30-minute programs that have long dominated television programming across all channels,” David Weir, an analyst at CNET News sister site BNET, reported on Monday night.

Story is here. [H/T Drudge]. This is one of those Drudge items that’s worth it just for the photographs. They positively DEMAND a caption contest.