Apart from noting that Robert Samuelson’s plans to gradually raise gas taxes on the American people like they were frogs placed in a gradually warming pot of water sound a lot like what Scientific American wrote back in November of 2005, I have little substantive to add to Redstate today in terms of policy.

Therefore it’s time for something completely different. This thread is dedicated to the oddball musical tastes of our readers and contributors. I’m not talking the mainstream, arena-rock stuff, Top 40 hits through the years, or even necessarily Motown or classical music. I’d like to use this thread to, ahem…”show our range” as it were, so talk about the bands you like that maybe you don’t have at the top of your Top Ten list but that you nevertheless have an affection for. The alternative, go-against-the-grain stuff that you listen to when the rain is drizzling on an oddly warm November day when the wind is blowing and your mood is weird.

Fess up. Let it all hang out. Voice your weirdness and cop to it. You are officially encouraged to admit the strange.

My secret affection is for Placebo. I can only get into them for a week or so out of the year, but during that week, the connection is powerful.

Here’s one of their best, a visual and sonic masterpiece: