Maybe it’s just gone unnoticed here in the past couple of days, but both Joe Biden and Charles Schumer now have big news splashes describing how they’re standing up for Traditional Values recently.

The first one comes from the New York Times:

Senator, Senator Make Me A Match:  For Staff, Schumer is Cupid

“Have kids; have a lot of kids,” Mr. Schumer, who has two daughters, is known to intone. “Start early and keep having them.”

It gets better!  Schumer pestering people to get married!

“What’s the holdup?” the senator asks couples who are dillydallying on an engagement. “Did you get a ring yet?” Other could-be-marrieds receive a simple instruction: “Get moving!”

Schumer comes across (by his own admission!) as a Paternalistic grandfatherly figure gently nudging and observantly urging his staff to get matched up, get married and have lots of babies.  He sounds like Timothy Cardinal Dolan!  What has brought him to this epiphany?

Then there’s Joe Biden recently:

“No dates until you’re 30,” Biden told a young girl as he greeted firefighters and their families in a small crowd at Hillsborough Fire Department.

“Know what my dad… used to say? You have one job: Keep boys away from your sister,” Biden said to the brother.

Whew, the slicing and dicing for Traditional Values voters is getting heavy.  At this phase of the campaign season we can see that they’re worried about it a lot.  It looks like there’s a lot of concern among the Democrats about making sure they’re not seen as being transgressive, but I have to wonder:  what do they say to their other constitutents?  So far there hasn’t been much of an outcry from the single moms, the homosexual interests, or the other groups in this country who are decidedly more liberal than this.  Where do the LGBT organizations in the country stand on Biden’s and Schumer’s recent comments?

All of a sudden, both of those guys seem to be trying to tell the story of how SQUARE they are.  How does this stuff go over with the Hollywood crowd?  I thought Paternalistic marriage and sexuality advice was supposed to be anathema.

So my best guess is that they know they’re in big trouble and it has been identified pretty clearly through their polling, and so the message has now changed radically in favor of Traditional Values and Traditional Marriage.  Are either of them going to start asking that schools not distribute contraceptives without parental consent, or that parental notification laws for abortion become the law of the land?  Are they going to start standing up for traditional marriage and parenting?

These guys sound a lot more like the Family Research Council these days than either have have in the recent past.

What’s happening?  Are they abandoning their base?  It looks a lot to me like they’re giving a “wink wink” to the base and trying to fool as many people as they can in the process.