So I see where the great and powerful Roger Ebert says Clint Eastwood made a fool of himself at the Republican National Convention?

After failing miserably at what Mr. Eastwood has mastered, you woke up one day and decided you were now a “movie reviewer,” aka; the lowest form of life. That’s right, after an unsuccessful run at being an artist, you, like nearly every critic, appointed yourself an arbiter of what the rest of us should do when we get a dear few hours off from pushing the millstones.

Actual artists are out there putting their butts on the line, working for years, crying and pounding their heads and fists into the cement until maybe, maybe one day – they do or make something that moves people. Something that will communicate to folks far off into the future.

And you dare to pass judgment on their art?

If not for the government teat, you wouldn’t have even gotten your start over at PBS – so of course you support Barack Obama and the rest of the big government socialists! Without taxpayer funding, you’d be munching on yellow popcorn and Milk Duds in a basement somewhere, screaming at your little TV about how the rest of them can’t make a film like you could if only they’d give you a chance…

You’re a hack, Roger Ebert, reviewing films and now a box-office icon through your leftist political lens.

If Michael Moore or Spike Lee made the exact same presentation at the Democratic Convention mocking Mitt Romney, you’re jaw would fall off from laughter. OW! Yeah, I said it – you’re bought and paid for – first by the taxpayers, then by Disney.

Get a job in the Romney/Ryan recovery and stay away from the movies.