Conservatives  Tea Partyers are proud of Romney for clearly pointing out the fallacy of appeasing the extremists.   Please continue …..most Americans with some commonsense support what Romney said.

Most of the RINOs in the media came out against him …the usual folks in FOX news, few other Republican pundits & few other RINO republicans in congress!

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows the only thing that Islamic Extremists understand is… Power!   When Obama & Hillary did NOT come out with a strong statement  & made excuses for killing & violence, we all knew that the violence will spread to all Arab countries!   There will be more deaths of Americans!

Romney should stand up like he did & Not listen to the RINOs who secretly want Obama to win again so that they can spend money & blame it on Obama!  As I have mentioned before that the biggest obstacle for Romney, if he gets elected will be to fight the RINOs.

Romney should not stop now & keep pointing out that Obama’s Mideast stance is causing American deaths!  He showed courage & if he keeps it up, he will win in landslide & since the common man identifies with his views!