For the sake of example let my past professional experience convey the current state we are allowing to exist. I sold a product that would naturally return polluted storm water to a pre-polluted state. The construction industry would rather build collection ponds or send the water down the way to who knows where. The production of the product I sold uses 50% recycled product in its manufacturing process and the cost is much less than the concrete pipe being used currently. A collection pond even when it’s presented as a decoration with an aeration fountain is the collection of polluted water!So what and so on we are going shopping and we can’t see it from our house is the unfortunate attitude as the populous speeds along. What is my point here? The earth is in distress and we better take heed or these high temperatures, killer tornadoes, huge hurricanes, Beijing struggling to create air quality that will allow outdoor events, and so many other warnings from the earth must be heeded with an urgency never before seen in the history of life on earth. What politician is going to have the guts to fight the terrorists and put an end to this problem with the brevity needed? The Democrats have a cast of men and a woman who can take this to heart and act. Or they can spend so much time talking, collecting data, and tabling a decision. This needs to be our number one priority or the ticking clock will just stop ticking.Here’s a chance for someone to be a hero of the likes never seen before. All the rest of it will not be important as a hill of beans if the polar ice caps continue to melt. Don’t you get it? Grab the reins please and stop the madness. We can buy our electric cars and recycle our plastic, paper, and glass but our leaders can stop the polluters and re-plant the rain forests. We want to be the generation where a decision was made to save the planet. Act now or prepare for more of what we are getting. Just believe it will be on a scale unimaginable.