Last Resport is another ABC series that tries to drag out viewer attention for a season of shows and is of course, based in Hawaii. I am beginning to wonder if they have a contract with the state. The premise is interesting: a nuclear ballistic missile submarine is given the order to fire its payload into Pakistan and then denies the order. The sub is attacked, presumably by a fellow US Navy ship which causes the sub’s captain to go rogue and essentially take over a small island in order to seek refuge. The sub plot is that the crew is trying to get home and   plead their case. Conspiracy theorists on both sides will love this show I think, regardless of acting and I’m no judge of acting but I recognize that these are professionals so it should be decent.

The radicals on the left will enjoy the military refusing orders to kill millions of people. The radicals on the right will enjoy the military refusing orders. Not to mention it looks like DC gets a nuclear missile fired at it. Either way, it should be interesting and I’ll have to suspend disbelief at some of the technical aspects of the show (cruise missiles aren’t used on sub-marine targets).

So what does this say over all. There is apparently an evil defense contractor lobbyist and we know where that will go. What will people say about this politically driven show in the middle of the Presidential election. Who will the President be? What authority was the captain of the ship willing to recognize? Are the directors seriously considering that a rouge American nuclear sub might be a good thing? I’m most curious as to why we’re nuking Pakistan in the first place… how evil will the President be? Or is the conspiracy not that high but some defense contractor who spun everything together (see Jericho). I’ll be watching and try to have an open mind about where the show ends up at the end of season 1 and my suspension of all things military of course.