Other than to say that these morons are despicable, there’s not a lot to comment on except that the WBC is heading to Colorado:

The hate-spewing goofballs from Westboro Baptist Church, long known for their enthusiastic protestation of all things gay, have scheduled a swing through Colorado for next week, starting with a picket intended for the “generation of violent, simple sluts and fornicating clods” who attend Boulder High School.

Besides inspiring a new indie-band name — I expect to be reading about the Fornicating Clods on Pitchfork by next spring — the church’s tour schedule starts off like they have for years: at random places where there may or may not gay people to bombard with poorly constructed insults like “God hates Doomed america’s rebel kids!” But after that, the tour does what more and more of the church’s swings have done over the last year or so: takes a turn for the Jewish.

The church has a habit of posting a bunch of events on its schedule and then only showing up when counter protests are launched — probably hoping for a lawsuit and some time on the ten o’clock news. But if its current schedule is to believed, the church is much less concerned with who you’re schtuping than it is with whether or not you’re a Jew: Of its 15 scheduled stops, eight target explicitly Jewish institutions, and one targets Comedy Works, where Richard Lewis is playing.

Now that you have the info and I’ve wasted more time than these cretins deserve…


‘Nuff said.