I had heard some rumblings a few weeks back because of the ACORN “pimp & pro” sting by O’Keefe & Giles the little nuts were bugging out. Getting out of town. Slinking into a hole. But even cockroaches and snakes have to come up for air every once in awhile, so what is really happening is they are “rebranding.” Doing a makeover. “Flipping their houses.” Only a lot of them are the same house.

I’m sure the “poison fruit of the oak tree” hoped we wouldn’t notice, but do they really think we are that stupid? Apparently so.

A couple of weeks ago I went to ACORN’s webpage and printed out a copy of the listing of all their offices in the US. And started making phone calls. I started with the six offices listed in Ohio. Phone numbers for Akron, Dayton, Toledo and Cincinnati are disconnected. Columbus says “mailbox full” but didn’t identify who they were. Only the Cleveland office answers and identifies themselves as “Cleveland Acorn.” And since I don’t live far from Toledo, I took a drive to the address in downtown listed at 316 N. Michigan. The office is empty. No sign, no nothing.

Then on to other parts of the country. Miami, Vegas, New Orleans, San Bernadino & Oakland CA numbers disconnected. San Diego says “leave message” but no identifier. Detroit & Rhode Island ACORN in Providence answer & identify them as ACORN offices, but “please leave a message.”  The Dallas office answers as The Texas Organizing Project. hmmmm…The LA office number answers and states “ACORN is no longer operating in LA.” hmmmm….Remember this for later, guys.

Then I ran into an article on Big Government written by Matthew Vadum, who has written tons about ACORN. There Vadum states that ACORN in New York has a new name of New York Communities for Change. And that California ACORN has “rebranded” as ACCE, or Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment. Come on, give me a break. But research tells me h/t on this actually goes to lib blogger Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards who beat Vadum by a couple of hours.

ACORN, ACORN, ACORN. I was so sick of hearing about them. So just like Scarlett O’Hara I told myself “tomorrow is another day” and I set this aside for a few. Then today I was alerted, h/t to Jesse Hathaway, about an e-mail he received from ACCE in California. I tracked it down on their website.

January 23, 2010
Los Angeles ACCE Members Join LA Councilmember Richard Alarcon to Introduce New Standards for Banks Doing Business with City

Remember earlier in this post I told you I called the LA ACORN office and got the “ACORN is no longer operating in LA” message. That was less than two weeks ago. Look at the date on the above: January 23, 2010. I cross-checked the address listed of 3655 South Grand Ave with the address listed for LA’s ACORN office I printed out a couple of weeks ago. Ohhh,,, my gosh! Same address!!

Who would have thought. We even have one of the “usual suspects.” SEIU.

The only thing changed here, folks, is the name and the color of their t-shirts, which are now “yellow” instead of their usual “red.”

Notice the name of LA Councilman “Richard Alarcon” in their post. Don’t know him. So I asked Brockway because he lives in the area if Alarcon is a “crook.” So h/t to Brockway in providing me with this interesting little tidbit on Alarcon from ABC news. Seems that Alarcon is being investigated because he supposedly registered to vote giving an address for a home that is not his residence!

Who would have thought. ACORN is known for fraudulent voter registrations, has been indicted in several states, has bugged out in many areas because of the “pimp and pro” scandal. Now they have reopened in many areas with different names, but are still up to their old tricks. And now apparently their “modus operandi” has rubbed off onto an LA Councilman.

To Councilman Alarcon. If you are reading this post. I dare ya to refute the above paragraph.


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