Less than 24 hours ago Reps. Mike Pence (IN), Jeb Hensarling (TX) and John Campbell (CA) introduced their Spending Limit Amendment or SLA  (short page here) and longer version here (large PDF file). This amendment differs from the Balanced Budget Amendment in that the SLA would focus on limiting government spending, while the Balanced Budget Amendment would simply focus on limiting taxation.

I had an opportunity this morning to participate in a conference call for bloggers with both Representatives Pence and Hensarling. Erick Erickson already touched on this today in his post A Real Tea Party Worthy Amendment to the Constitution. This morning’s conference call was meant to get the word out to bloggers so they can get the word out to their readers and the electorate.

Rep. Hensarling’s biggest concern is the present rate of government spending will reach 40% of GDP by the middle of this century and this poses a domestic threat to future generations, as well as a threat to our domestic security. Historically the government has spent only $.20 on the dollar and Representatives Hensarling, Pence and Campbell’s proposed amendment would cap government spending to the traditional 20%.  The only exceptions would be in time of war or if 2/3 of Congress votes for a raise. Their priority is to ensure America does not go bankrupt and when asked the question if this was a campaign ploy, stated no, they feel they have a moral obligation to the American public they represent and future generations as well to introduce this amendment.

Representative Pence stated unlike businesses, who have budgets, the federal government seems to have no boundaries on their spending; “this only happens in DC.”  Part of the challenge of this amendment would be changing the mentality of those in government and also educating the electorate on the importance of its passing, i.e. empowering the American people to restrain their government.

Representative Pence stated support is rapidly building in the House and many Congressional candidates for Election 2010 have already embraced the amendment and realize our government’s out-of-control spending is a serious challenge that demands a serious solution.

Our job as bloggers and the American public is to get the word out to readers, family and friends to back this amendment, which realistically could take several years to pass. Please help the word go especially to Tea Party groups, twitter, blogs, FB and to family and friends.

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