Mike Pence (R-IN) today issued this statement that Democrats are no longer accepting changes to their plan for a government takeover of healthcare:

A recent report alerts Members of Congress that the ‘trading post’ for health care deal making has closed. For weeks now Democrat leaders have traded special deals for votes and in the process have traded away any hope of passing meaningful health care reform that the public can support. The American people don’t want a government takeover of health care and they certainly don’t want one full of special breaks for some states at the expense of every other state.

Rep. Pence was on Hannity discussing this very issue.

Keynotes of this interview: Pence was at a huge rally in Indianapolis and saw overwhelming opposition to the current Healthcare bill. Constituents have been reporting busy signals when contacting their Reps, and the easiest way he stated to get through to them is via e-mail.

Pence believes this bill “will be resolved” in Ohio, Pennsylvania and his home state of Indiana. He believes the Dems do not have the votes, and this current bill should be scrapped, and a new start made with emphasis on reducing costs. He also stated that Ohio Rep. Kucinich received “a ride on Air Force One” today. Wonder how much arm-twisting went on there.

In rebuttal, Bob Beckel stated he believes the bill will pass. However, Pence argues that “we need to find out all the backroom deals” and he believes many Dems are “sliding into the ‘no’ category” and ultimately the American people are in charge.

In closing, Rep. Pence commended Bart Stupak for digging in his heals and standing firm on his commitment to vote “no,” and Pence also believes if the bill is stopped this week it is dead.