Today Mr. & Mrs Obama released their 2009 tax return. Somehow I feel I am back in France circa 1789 and about to hear the words “let them eat cake” said to the peasants. At a time when Americans are suffering the Man in the Oval Office had $5,505,409 in adjusted gross income. Here is a snapshot of the return:

The total return is 65 pages long, if you wish to examine it in toto you can find it here.

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) states the Dems have put into place since Mr. Obama has taken office $670 billion in taxes. So apparently this clip from Mr. Obama’s campaign days was another lie:

“I will make a firm pledge. Under my plan. No family making less than $250K a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax. Not your payroll tax, not your capital gains tax, not any of your tax.”

Rep. Pence today called for across the board tax relief in his speech on the House floor:

But there is good news. The Obama’s tax liability is only $1,713,212 (page 2). Whatever happened to those “evil CEO’s who make millions”? Thought their tax liability was gonna be a 10000%. And THIS IS THE KILLER: The Obamas only had withheld $104,311. My accountant has told me the IRS “Tax Cheat in Chief” Geithner’s rules were:

90% of your estimated earnings must be withheld or you face substantial penalties.

So Obama is gonna have to make estimated payments. No big deal. Betcha George Soros will pick up the tab.

AND: to Mr. Obama!! Whatcha gonna do with the extra $3.5 mil? You were yapping at us a while back about “giving to charities.” Let’s say you give it ALL away.

After all, you are getting paid a salary. Courtesy of the US taxpayers. A beautiful house to live in, all the comforts of your Indonesian home, and more. Plus you get to ride around in that big airplane and kick journalists out of the nuke summit.

All great perks.