Sharron Angle, are you watching??

Not only have we had to deal with the “Gaffer-in-Chief” Bozo Biden, but now it seems spawned from the same loins we have the “Lecher-in-Chief” of the Senate. First we had this “Dirty Harry.”

Now we have this “Dirty Harry.”

According to Politico Reid has some unusual “praise” for Kirsten Gillibrand, the junior Senator from New York, labeling her as “hot” at a Bloomberg fundraiser for him in New York. Gillibrand was in attendance and apparently turned red when she heard the remark.

Now Senator Gillibrand. You may be a corrupt senator for taking the Working Families Party/ACORN line in your state for the November election; however, I am going to speak to you now as a woman: mulher a mulher. My dear Kirsten, I certainly hope after you heard the “remark” from the now “Lecher-in-Chief” you immediately did what I would have done: i.e. take a hot shower and scrub myself with disinfectant. After all, would any decent lady want to be called “hot” by the man in the picture above? I personally would want to de-grime myself in a hurry.

And to Senator Reid: the next question goes to you. Exactly what is your criteria for “hotness” in a female? Well, let’s take a peek at Senator Gillibrand and see if we can figure this out.

Long blond hair. Nice smile and nice figure. Apparently a good choice. Now Senator Reid. Using this same criteria, may I also say that you would consider the woman below to have “hotness” as well?

Long blond hair. A nice smile. Can’t see her figure in this pic, but we’ve seen it before. A little bottom-heavy, but not all bad.

Now Senator Reid, in the interest of bi-partisanship, since you have picked a Dem woman as a “hottie” I think it’s fair that you also pick a Conservative woman as a “hottie.” And in case your mind is blank on this I’m going to offer you a suggestion. Moi. A nice Conservative gal. I’ll let you be the judge. My name is @LadyImpactOhio and my pic is below.

Long blond hair, Mona Lisa smile.

So Harry, I think your little gaffe is gonna help out your opponent Sharron Angle tremendously.

What do you say, Harry? Our side has a lot of “hot” conservative women too..