E tu John?

How Conservatives Got Robbed by John Roberts !

-by Scott Rohter, July 2012

“When a tax is really not a tax, but is still considered to be constitutional”

When is a tax really not a tax? And when does something that is really not a tax, but rather a penalty for failing to buy insurance become a tax instead? Are you about as confused as I am? Well apparently it is whenever the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court decides that it is, because he is the only man in the whole country that has the power to actually change the definition of words, and give them new meaning! He is the only person in the whole country who has the capacity to redefine the English language to suit his whims. Now with the Court’s permission you can do just about anything you want in America that is un-constitutional. All you have to do is get the Chief Justice’s permission to change the definition of what is, is!

Wait a minute! Bill Clinton tried to do that, and he failed miserably with disastrous results. But he was just a little bit ahead of his time. Now it is perfectly acceptable according to John Roberts to redefine the meaning of anything. A penalty, a tax, a fine, a punishment, the definition of is, they are actually interchangeable terms now. Whenever this George W. Bush appointee to the United States Supreme Court says that a penalty for not purchasing insurance is really a tax instead, then I guess that it is, depending on just what the definition of is, is. That is in spite of what the President of the United States says, and what the Congress says. That’s the end of story!

In a close five to four decision, twenty six States and approximately 150 million people who listened the President of the United States and to their elected representatives in Congress, and who took them at their word and believed what we were told, that the penalty in the Affordable Care Act for failing to purchase insurance was really just what they said it was, a penalty, we were told to our bewilderment Thursday to basically go fly a kite! The penalty really wasn’t a penalty after all. It was a tax all along! April Fool’s Day! Oh, but this is June. It was all very nice and legal of course. They wouldn’t want us to violate the law or the Constitution I’m sure. Only they can do that!…

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