The 2012 election is not merely  another election. This is life and death. The life of our country as we know it, the life of our freedoms, and for some, the medical care they need to survive.  Mounting debts, Obamcare, and the liberal agenda threaten the very existence of America. We are deciding our future in this election.

This fact hit me early this year: this election will change my life, and in more ways than one. You see, I had planned to go into the medical field, but with Obamacare in place, how can I? How can I as a Christian deny medical services to a patient because the government decrees that due to their illness they are not valid, contributing citizens? How can I work as a medical professional with the knowledge that I may lose my job because I refuse to do a procedure I morally disagree with? Unless Obamacare is repealed, I am very much in doubt whether I will continue into the field of medicine.

No matter what career I choose, how will I be successful in this economy? For that matter, how do I even know that in ten years, America will still be the land of opportunity? As a Christian, I am concerned about our freedom to worship God privately and publicly. I fear what our country will look like in ten years if President Obama’s agenda is continued.

Unfortunately, most Americans do not see, or are unconcerned about how all of this affects them personally. I pray that we will not be passive, and treat this as “Just Another Election”. This is life and death.