Just got word of this today.  2 Million Bikers to DC has been supporting our veterans who visited the memorials this week in DC and ran into conflict with the National Park Service.
From their Facebook page:

To get an image of the type of nefarious citizens that our federal government is guarding these memorials against…..

Mr. Charles Grey from Arkansas at Memorial today. Mr. Grey was the head navigator for the 305th Bomb Group and completed 30 successful missions over Europe with 2 missions directly into Berlin targeting Hitlers headquarters. Talk about tough, this man checked himself out of the hospital last night to make this trip today! The Guardians say they are having a hard time keeping his blood Oxygen level at only 80% but he said he wasn’t going to miss this.


One of the Honor Flight pictures for veterans that went into DC today


Interviews were taken with some of the attendees.  2MB2DC has stated that they hope to have these videos accessible to the general public soon.


Apparently leaders of the group at the national level have been banned by FB from having access to the 2MB2DC state level FB pages and are somewhat concerned that they could get locked out of the national FB page as well.

If you can find it your heart to take the time to visit 2MB2DC’s Facebook page (while it is still up) and let them know how much we appreciate their support for our veterans, it would mean a lot to them. The Facebook page also provides information the group has obtained about National Park Service shutdown actions.

They are also in the process of setting up their own website. where citizens can obtain information pertaining to group activities, so please check them out.

Once again, I’m genuinely grateful that these folks are willing to stand up for the spirit of American patriotism!

Bikers, y’all rock!  Much love and appreciation coming your way from this Conservative! 


UPDATE: VetsRoll 2013 Mini-Documentary  (Made me cry and I’m NOT a crier!)