Are you ready for the #WHYouthSummit?

In case you missed it, this happened last night…..

Part of this meeting included the announcement of the winner for the Healthy Young America video contest.  The winner, Erin McDonald, did a musical take-off of the song “Price  Tag” by Jessie  J., with a video titled “Forget About The Price Tag”

(No, that isn’t a  joke!) 

BTW, congratulations to Ms. McDonald.  Although she apparently understands very little about macroeconomics and healthcare economics, she does have a beautiful singing voice!

On with the event….

Needless to say, #WHYouth became the brunt of a LOT of jokes, most of them about the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany and the manner in  which children and young adults were  manipulated for the purpose of achieving Hitler’s goals

Being patriotic freedom-loving Americans who don’t particularly care for the type of “fundamental transformation” that President Obama is attempting to bring about, we have our  own way of standing in opposition to those changes, including snark.

Lots and LOTS of snark. 

But yesterday’s event was just the preparation session for this….


(Yeah, I know…it’s really creepy!!)

That’s  right.  Tomorrow, on Dec. 4th, there will be another WHYouth Session.

Heh.  Don’t know whether this young lady is underestimating Conservatives or simply naive.  I’m leaning towards the  latter of the two. We’ll be there.  You better believe we’ll be there.

Everyone got the new #, right?  #WHYouthSummit

I suppose it is possible that they could change it again before Wednesday.  As they say on Twitchy, “Twitter is forever”.  I’m sure we’ ll find it if they do.

I know there will be plenty of snark to go around, but when I  saw this tweet….

…a  different idea came to mind.  What if we posted legitimate  questions on the Twitter feed? The kinds of questions that might cause some of our young people to stop and genuinely think about the impact of Obamacare rather  than following blindly along down the path they’re being led?

So, this diary has two purposes.  First, to let people know about the summit. And secondly, to ask  for questions that can be asked during this summit.  We could make up a list in the comments section below and then use those questions in the Twitter feed during the summit.

Don’t forget…any questions have to be 140 characters  or less.  Just post them below.

Oh, and if you know of anyone with a decent singing voice who could come up with a catchy  tune that could rebut Ms. McDonald’s video, give them a head’s up that we could use their help.  Get us a video up on YouTube that we can put  on the Twitter feed on Wednesday!

(I’m looking at you, Moe Lane.   Want to help us  out on this one?)

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